From the 90's with love

«What is love? Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. No more…» Do you remember this hit from the 90s? Our ad for Dirol Turbo and Dirol Frutti will remind you everything, even the taste of your first bubble gum.

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Shuffle Sells

letgo is an easy, elegant and cool way of buying/selling stuff, which reminds a modern dance. So, everything in our commercial happens with dancing people.

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National Parks Of Ukraine

Unique identity for 86 biggest parks of Ukraine

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Social video that exposes the problem of smartphone use while driving.

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Delivery Of Feelings

Coca-Cola makes simple, everyday moments more special. That’s the message of the new global campaign «Taste the Feeling». We wanted to prove it using real people in real time. So we created a unique experience — the world’s biggest ever delivery of feelings.

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The Chemical Calendar

The new BASF annual calendar that reminds about the importance of chemical innovations and demonstrates the main brand values.

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Magic of the red light in signature style of Andriy Lobov’s Studio.

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Knowing how consumers feel is at the heart of everything we do

More works


Kyiv Math Olympiad

Identity for Kyiv Math Olympiad

Coca-Cola AR music video


Банка Coca-Cola з різдвяним музичним кліпом



Bottles with Christmas spirit

Let go of the things easy and quick


letgo’s mobile sale service launch campaign.

Marsee’s trend colors


Identity which displays latest trends.

Fury Miles

New Balance

Facebook App that motivates for running in bad weather.

The Most Objective Case Ever


Boxing gloves, zebra and other heroes in the campaign for the advertising festival.

Smartphone orchestra

Smart Pleasure Concert

Live concert performance and compressed smartphone sound are not comparable. That is what our print is about.

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