How we showed Ukraine from the angle of investments


How we change the perspective of Ukraine with MFA and Dorosh

Ukraine is an innovative country that's open to international investment and cool projects from all over the world. Our mission was to work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to tell the world about this. After all, the business world still has pretty stereotypical ideas about our country.

We started by doing a survey, asking foreign audiences "What do you associate with modern Ukraine?"

As a result, we learned that there are certain words that are associated with Ukraine in a somewhat ambiguous or even negative context for foreigners. Hmm... What if we could turn the meaning of these words into completely positive ones, simply by changing the perspective and context in which they are used?

That's how the idea was born: to show Ukraine from a different angle, giving the country associations of a completely technological nature

Slogan: Change your perspective! Start up with Ukraine NOW

We reinforced the visual idea of changing the perspective on Ukraine with a unique shooting style. The entire story was shot only on sports drones, operated by the talented and awesome team of Nazar Dorosh.